TTfone Star Big Button Fone TT300 RED / WHITE / BLACK

TTfone Star Big Button Fone TT300 RED / WHITE / BLACK

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  • Huge Screen
  • Bluetooth
  • Flip Folding design - Avoids making accidental calls in your pocket
  • Big Buttons
  • Charging Dock
  • Best phone for seniors

Despite the popularity of the touch-screen mobiles, one cannot discount the importance and class that a flip phone can bring.

The durable smartphone is a single SIM device which greatly reduces the power consumed by the device and thus, helps you save power.

The battery of the user-friendly phone has sufficient capacity to perform all its operations and tasks with endurance.


The TT300Flip Phone is one of the best flip phones from the global company TTFONE. Order the phone while stocks last!

One of the highlights of the TT300Flip Phone is its stylish appearance designed in a compact and round shape. The phone was designed by the experts at TTFONE in such a way that it fits perfectly in your palm. The well-designed phone also comes in a small size enabling it to fit into any pocket or pouch. The high-quality materials also make the phone durable and provides good grip in your hands all the while granting the stylish look.

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