Yukon NVMT Spartan 1X24 Goggle Kit 24125

Yukon NVMT Spartan 1X24 Goggle Kit 24125

Brand:Night Vision
Product Code:24125
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The Yukon Spartan NVMT 1 x 24 Goggle

The Yukon Spartan NVMT is an ideal night vision optical equipment with which you are able to view night time activities absolutely hands free because of the goggle kit. The night vision goggles are perfect for high tech ranger games.

The kit is provided with the  Yukon Spartan NVMT 1 x 24 monocular to provide you with long hours of hands free viewing through the monocular. It is designed according to ergonomic standards and is fully coated with rubber for making it easy to handle.
The lens of the Yukon Spartan 24125 has a low magnification which prevents distortion of distant objects and ensures comfortable viewing while engaged in some activity.
The IR illumination system of the night vision goggles makes it possible to view long distance objects clearly even in total darkness. The energy emitted by the infra red illuminator reduces the battery consumption.
The lens is built with the aid of high tech optical specifications for maximum light amplification. The lens has a enhanced frequency and contrast to provide you with quality image.
The Yukon Spartan 24125 is light in weight and compact in design. The body is fully rubber coated making it water resistant and easy to grip.
This night vision goggles with head mount kit are perfect for multitasking during night time.
The Yukon Spartan 1 x 24 NVMT Goggle Kit is a very handy monocular which provides you with quality night vision.

Night Vision
Battery Type & Quantity Battery 1x CR123A
Dimensions 142x82x60 mm
Field of View in Degrees FOV 30°
Generation 1
Infrared Illuminator Built-in IRed Yes
Lens 24mm
Magnification 1.0x
Pouch Case Yes
Weight in Grammes Weight 600g

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