Electric Bike - NJT-003

Electric Bike - NJT-003

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If you are looking for an electric bicycle that is sturdy and highly powered, stylish and reliable, the Model NJT-003 could be your answer. Boasting of a 250-watt brushless motor and a 24 volt, 10 amp/hour rechargeable lithium battery, the electric bike is just the thing for the person who needs a reliable means of transportation. If you are thinking “green,” you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t use petrol, so the dwindling fossil fuel supplies won’t be impacted. The electric bicycle  recharges easily from standard household current.

The Model NJT-003 doesn’t skimp on range or maximum speed, either. It has a driving range of 45 kilometers, with PAS (passenger assisted power; i.e., pedaling), and reaches speeds of 25 km/hour. The 26” wheels give a comfortable ride, while the steel frame is sturdy and reliable. A cushioned saddle seat and a rear storage area top the Model NJT-003 perfectly, making suitable for nearly anyone who can ride a bike. Labeled as a mountain bike , the electric bike has a higher support which appears to have been designed for a man; however, a reasonably flexible woman would have no trouble getting off and on this bike. The bike is lightweight – only about 25 kilograms.

One of the most compelling features of this bike is its price. Aside from the fact that the rider is saving any petrol expenses at all, the electric bike Model NJT-003 is reasonably priced to purchase. You will soon earn back your investment in saved petrol costs. You’ll find that this may be the perfect ride for your commute, errands around the neighborhood, commuting back and forth to school, or just visiting nearby friends. And you will look stylish doing it on this attractively designed electric bike that is built to last.

Electric Bike
Battery 24v 10ah lithium battery
Distance 45km with PAS
Extras Included CE Approval EN15194
Frame Steel
Max Speed 25km/h
Motor 250w brushless motor
Size 1510*250*700mm
Weight Including Battery 25kg
Wheel Dimension 26”

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