Electric Bike - NJT-001

Electric Bike - NJT-001

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This sleek, stylish electric bicycle is a great answer for those who commute or need to run errands around the neighborhood. Even if you are just visiting a nearby friend, arrive in style on an electric bike that is comfortable and easy to operate. Designed with an open frame, it can be used by a man or a woman. The 26” wheels give a comfortable ride, while the steel frame is sturdy and reliable. A cushioned saddle seat and a rear storage area top the Model NJT-001 perfectly, making suitable for anyone who can ride a bike.

The electric bike  boasts of a brushless motor of 250 watts of power. The lead-acid battery is 24 volts, 8ah and is rechargeable from regular household current. The Model NJT-001 features a maximum traveling speed of 25 kilometers per hour with a driving range of 45 kilometers. The battery can be assisted by ‘human power’ – in other words, the bike can be pedaled as well as run off the motor.

The reasonably priced Model NJT-001 is lightweight, weighing in at only 32 kg. This means the electric bicycle is easy to handle for nearly anyone who is capable of riding it. The brakes are on the handlebars and a safety headlight is on the front fork. The headlight allows you to see at night, as well as to be seen by oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

As the bike is electric, there is no need for petrol. You won’t be depleting the shrinking fossil fuel supplies and you won’t be contributing to air pollution. If you need a safe, sturdy, “green” means of transportation, the Model NJT-001 could be the answering for you or for nearly any member of your family. Either a man or a woman can easily mount and ride the electric bicycle .

Electric Bike
Battery 24v 8ah lead acid battery
Extras Included CE Approval EN15194
Frame Steel
Max Speed 25km/h
Motor 250w brushless motor
Size 1430*250*730mm
Weight Including Battery 32kg
Wheel Dimension 26”

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